We believe it is our responsibility to help rehabilitation providers improve collections, reduce claim denials and improve cash flow. We work with TheraOffice® and other practice management software, and our services intended to help providers maximize revenues while providing personalized customer service. We are here to help providers understand and navigate guidelines, rules and regulations when dealing with electronic medical records and billing. Our hard work allows our clients to focus on patient care and not worry about their accounts receivable. We are passionate about our service and will work diligently to collaborate with you to improve your business performance.



Contact Billing provides services to those providers using TheraOffice® and other practice management software.  At Contact Billing we realize how difficult it can be managing your practice, treating patients and overseeing your employees.  It is even more difficult to stay on top of billing and coding changes, rules and regulations and LCD coverage modifications. We are here to ease your mind when it comes to billing and collections.  Our team of billing professionals will provide you with personalized service in the following areas:

– Claim Auditing
– Patient Billing and Re-billing
– CCI Edits
– Appeals
– Validating ICD-10 & CPT coding
– LCD Coverage