Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


Do you use a separate program to complete billing?

All billing is done directly in the TheraOffice® accounting program which is carried over from documentation when the clinician completes and locks the data and notes.


Do you charge on billed charges or posted?

Posted charges are used to determine charges.


Will you do authorizations?

The provider/clinic is responsible for authorizations. Click to read more about Our Process.


Can you give some advice on codes used/review charges used?

We can help you understand and navigate billing and coding changes, rules and regulations and LCD coverage modifications. We stay up-to-date on these so you can focus on patient care.


Do you write-off charges automatically?

No, with the exception of contractual write-offs as noted on the Explanation of Benefits received by the insurance companies.


Do you use TheraOffice® personally?

Yes, we have experience with running TheraOffice® in our own clinics. It is our program of choice.