Factors To Consider In Hiring a Physical Therapy Billing Service

factors to consider in hiring a physical therapy billing service

There are many factors to consider in hiring a physical therapy billing service for your practice. After all, you work hard for your money and you want to keep as much of it flowing into your practice as possible. So you may be weighing the pros and cons of keeping the billing in-office, versus outsourcing it and hiring a physical therapy billing service to help.

Running a healthcare practice of any kind means patient care is a top priority. However, keeping the practice running also means balancing patient care with sound business practices. If your primary focus is your patients, you may find that outsourcing your physical therapy billing is the right decision for your practice so that you can focus on what matters most — providing excellent patient care.

There are several factors to consider in hiring a physical therapy billing service:

  • Does the billing company go after just the “easy” money or also the hard?
  • Does the billing company stay informed on the latest on coding updates?
  • Does the billing company have experience in your industry or with your specialty?

Billing For “Easy” Money vs. Hard

At Contact Billing, we make it our mission to help outpatient physical therapy providers improve patient collections, reduce claim denials and improve cash flow. These are all important factors to consider in finding a partner to help you with your billing.

We know that the money you bill for should be coming into your office — each and every dollar. So, we go after the “hard” money for you as well. Our process begins with: auditing claims, CCI Edits, validating ICD-10 vs CPT codes and adjusting modifiers as necessary to get ready for submission.

Staying Informed On The Latest Coding Updates

As a healthcare provider, you are busy enough managing your practice, treating patients and overseeing your employees. When do you have time to stay up-to-date on the latest billing and coding changes as well? At Contact Billing, we do this for you and also stay on top of rules and regulations and LCD coverage modifications.

Experience With Billing For Physical Therapy

Hiring a billing company that has experience in your field or specialty also matters. At Contact Billing, physical therapy is our specialty and we have experience in the field. Hiring a billing company that knows the nuances of the medical side of physical therapy, will help eliminate errors and streamline your billing process along the way. This will ensure that more of your hard earned money comes back to your office.

There are many factors to consider in hiring a physical therapy billing service. Asking the questions above are a good place to start. Finding the right billing service to partner with your physical therapy office in this process matters.

For assistance with setting up your physical therapy billing services, contact us today.